Leader in high pressure engineering :                                                                High Pressure autoclaves, pilot units, high pressure pumps, high pressure cells, test benches...

Top Industrie has been a leader in high pressure since 30 years. We design and manufacture high pressure autoclaves, high pressure pumps, compressors, continuous reactors, special cells (Sapphire, triaxial, Hassler, recombination or hydrate...) for research centers and R&D facilities.


Quality and safety are the core of our how know.


Top Industrie have been delivering autoclaves and high pressure reactors from 10 bar (150psi) to 10000 bar (150000 psi). Our equipments are working from -80 °C to 800°C. 


Top Industrie can provide you with autoclaves, syringe pumps, high pressure cells, core holders, isostatic presses, hydrothermal synthesis systems...but we mainly deliver a complete system, incorporating the high pressure reactors, with the sensors, valves, fittings and a full computer control system.


We design, manufacture, build, test, certify and install your high pressure equipment.



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