A Full range of autoclaves to meet your wishes

Since 30 years, Top Industrie is designing and manufacturing high pressure autoclaves like mineralization bombs or screwed autoclaves. We have a very comprehensive range of autoclaves:

  • Screwed autoclaves for pressure up to 250 bar (3 750 psi) and 250 °C. This is the "Top" range of very standard autoclaves
  • Bolted autoclaves for higher pressure or higher temperature
  • Mineralization bomb, also called digestion bomb. A range of standard products from 23 ml up to 1 liter. No fittings on the top, you just place it into your oven
  • Visualization cells with sapphire windows in order to view what is happening in the cell
  • Can also be a full sapphire tube, especially used for Liquid/ Vapor Equilibrium studies
  • High pressure separators. High pressure bottles to transport your fluid under high pressure
  • Our Mineralization bombs are specifically designed for hydrothermal synthesis
  • Hydrothermal synthesis autoclaves with high pressure and high temperature

One of the Specificity of Top Industrie is that beside our full range of standard cells and autoclaves, our design department is able to make exactly the cell that you want.



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