Isostatic Presses

Top Industrie Isostatic Presses are available in a lot of sizes and pressure ranges from research pilot to production units.

Designed with two type of full safety top-closure, threaded manual closure or Yoke-framed, Isostatic Presses are equipped with safety and alarm devices, pressure control and pressure generator devices. It can work at ambient temperature (CIP), be heated with external electric shell for medium temperature or equipped with an internal oven (HIP)

It could be feature with easy handling and loading devices.

High Pressure Generator Units

High pressure generator

A large range of high pressure generators:

  • Manual pump: 2000 / 4000 / 7000 bar
  • High Pressure Metering Pump: 2000 to 7000 bar
  • Complete High Pressure Intensifier Units, with hydraulic power group and custom-made multiplyer
  • 400 > 2500 bar/ 400 > 4000bar / 400 > 6000 bar



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