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                     Why do we do what we do ?

                     Why do our customers like what we do?

                     Why should you become our customer?

We enjoy designing and building high pressure equipment, because it allows us to help your research advance.

And, whether you create new molecules, push back the boundaries of knowledge on thermodynamic equilibria, create the most improbable mixtures of liquids or gases, study the rocks which make up our planet or stress-test equipment under extreme conditions, your research never fails to fascinate us.

We are fascinated because what you do is fascinating.

Whether you want a standard autoclave or a complete, custom-built installation, we take our task of providing you with a high quality product to heart. It is for this reason that a third of our employees work in our research department (mechanics, computing and automation).

We want you to find our machines beautiful, because we don’t just want them to be functional; we design them so that the various fluid circuits are visible, the valves and detectors are accessible and logically placed, and that, most importantly, they are safe, so that your employees can work in complete safety.

In order to give you the full benefit of our wide experience in this field, and in order to fully understand the task you require of us, we would like to participate in the planning phase of your experiments and reactions, without, of course, interfering in the process part of your activity.

As you deserve Top-quality products, we would be only too glad to work with you.



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