VLE Equilibrium Shapphire Cell

Vapor liquid equilibrium Sapphire cell

VLE measurements can be studied using a stirred equilibrium cell, consisting of a stirred sapphire tubular cell mounted between two Stainless or Hastelloy C276 or Titanium flanges.This experimental set-up was designed for working temperatures between 260 to 370 K and pressures up to 15 MPa.

In this device, known quantities of substances (liquids and gases) can be injected into the cell using Top Industrie very accurate metering pumps (PMHP) and gas tanks. Such intrumented Gas tanks allow a very precise control of the composition.

Two ROLSI™ micro samplers, one for the liquid phase and one for the vapor phase, are installed at the top of the cell. Because of the very small sample volume (e.g. < 0.1 μl) the equilibrium inside is not disturbed and samples can be collected from the different phases and analyzed directly by GC.

The cell is imerged in a bath and a camera located outside the bath enable the operator to vizualize the equilibrium..

High pressure static analytic apparatus (VLE, VLLE, or gas solubility)

Measurement of phases equilibrium data (vapor-liquid equilibrium, gas solubility's, etc.) can request high pressures and high temperature. Cell can be made in titanium or HastelloyC-276.

This unit was manufactured by Top Industrie to study the solubility of acid gases in aqueous solutions of alcanolamines. The effects of various sulphur compounds on solubility can be explored through experiments carried out using this equipment.

The main body is equipped with two sapphire windows and allow a look inside of the cell. This apparatus can be used up to temperatures of 400°C and pressures of 400 bar.

The equilibrium cell is thermo-regulated in a thermostatic chamber and can be charged with known amounts of substances. In case of purified and degassed liquids or liquefied gases this can be performed by using a piston injector pump (PMHP) which allows the precise recording of volume differences.

In order to follow kinetic reaction, two ROLSI™ micro samplers, one for the liquid phase and one for the vapor phase are installed on the top of the cell and connected to a Gas Chromatograph providing an accurate and instantaneous composition.

Versatile Equipment for CO2 Capture & Storage Studies

Equipment for CO2 Capture and Storage studies
  • Supercritical CO2 injectivity and solvability on rock samples
  • CO2 behavior and transfer studies, leakage simulator
  • Gas permeability complete apparatus
  • Hydrates blind or windows stirred reactors
  • Hydrates flow studies loop.Supercritical CO2
  • High Pressure Metering Pump
  • CO2 SFC reactors & sapphire cells
  • CO2 Gas compressor

ROLSI Sampler ( Armines Patent )

ROLSI sampler

ROLSI™ IV (see www.armines.net) is the last generation developed by Armines CTP. It allows to take micro-samples at high pressures (up to 40Mpa) and high temperatures, up to 530 K (For samples containing water, the operating limits are reduced to 480 K and 20MPa).

  • Gas Chromatograph can be connected to follow your kinetic studies in real time
  • Sampling volume 0,5 to 50µl
  • No dead volume sample
  • Completely automated sampling cycle



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