Pneumatics Pumps

Pneumatic pump

Top Industrie pneumatic pumps allow liquids to be compressed to up to 6000 bar.A two tier-pump is also available to increase flow capacity and a suitable version for use with CO2 is also available.

Caracteristics of Pneumatic Pumps:

  • Max air consumption 70 Nm3 / h
  • Speed 100 strokes / min
  • Delivered with a filter regulator lubrificator (FRL)
  • Stroke length: 41 mm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • All parts of the pump which come into contact with the liquid are made from stainless steel. Other materials avaliable: Hastelloy, Inconel, etc...
  • Joint P.T.F.E
  • Adjustable speed whatever the air pressure
  • Maximum air pressure: 6 bar
  • Start up does not require use of FRL or Interuption of air supply
D4A Pneumatic pump data sheet
D4A RV Pneumatic pump.pdf
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